Stock Fittings Sell Off

YH have some stock fittings to be sold off with good quality but the surface is not ok. This October, YH have met a big flood so the fittings under production are suffered before coating. Other parts of these fittings are all good except the surface. So we have to sell them off to save the cover area in our stock. If any honored customers do not mind the surface, it will be a good time for you to get some lower prices quality fittings. Now, we’d like to show some pictures for your check.

20131118130251_416 20131118130313_616

20131118130332_480 20131118130404_698

20131118130425_400 20131118130445_422

Below is items availabe:

26711-12-12: 1400PCS

26711-16-12: 500PCS

26711-16-16: 2000PCS

24212D-16-16: 300PCS

87692-12-12: 600PCS

87392-20-20 H=120: 150PCS

87912-16-12: 300PCS

87992-20-16: 300PCS

87392-16-12: 300PCS

87392-20-20: 100PCS

Notes for order:

1. The discount is abount 10% compared with normal quoting

2. Delivery time: 1 days after receiving the deposit.

3. Prices do not includ delivery cost.

4. Expired date: Until these products are sold out!

If they interst you, please do not hesitate to advise us for prices. We do not get any profit for these products just to save the cover area of stock!

Post time: Nov-18-2013