How are Fittngs Galvanized?

The plating process is well known for hydraulic spare parts. While there are some different kinds of plating techniques. We are using electroplating to keep our parts at a good looking.

It includes several steps as following:

1. To pretreat the parts for plating which are cleaning, rinsing and other mechanical pretreatment processes.

2. Determining proper clenliness

3. Setting up the electroplating station

4. Under electroplating process

5. The electroplating post-treatment process

6. Waste disposal

At last, we’d like to show some pictures for your reference:

20140322150200_938 20140322150334_894

20140322150409_610 20140322150429_420

20140322150454_401 20140322150518_115

20140322150623_577 20140322150647_711

Post time: Mar-22-2014