4th Fitting Order Perfectly Finished

The 4th order is the biggest order until now in 2013. It is from an honored customer in Dubai. Our quality was agreed by his company after checking our samples. We came into prices discuss for several times. The order was confirmed in April and finished in June. The amount is about USD12000. Then it comes into truth that good quality was worth of purchasing with reasonable prices. YH believe the concept that only good quality of hose fittings offered can bring new business and keep a good cooperation relationship with current purchasers. The most important is that we are not only providing good quality products with nice prices but also best service which will expand your expectation. Then we’d like to show some pictures of this order:

Fittings and ferrules were after white zinc plated

20130712123109_879 20130712123127_133

Fittings and ferrules were packed in order

20130712123208_303 20130712123233_665

20130712123257_970 20130712123312_180

20130712123331_229 20130712123348_787

Coming for inspection

20130712123422_114 20130712123440_375


20130712123515_282 20130712123618_824

Post time: Jul-12-2013